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A-Jewel-A-Day: Elul 25

Elul 25

The Music of Darkness by Karyn Kedar

It was early September. My husband and I went on a high–speed car chase around the valleys and mountains of the Grand Tetons to capture a glimpse of the setting sun.

With five minutes to spare before the spray of light turned dark, we found a spot nestled in a valley on the side of the road with no mountain crag to obscure our view. Simply the horizon, the setting sun, and majestic colors of miracle and awe.

Stay Informed: Israel and the Peace Process


Next week the Palestinian Authority will go to the United Nations to request recognition for Palestinian Statehood. This is a dangerous move for the stability of the region and the security of Israel. Israel is on high alert in preparation for the consequences of this vote. If the UN does not vote for a Palestinian State then there is danger of a third intifada. If the UN does vote and nothing changes because there can be no peace without direct negotiations of the parties, then a third intifada is likely to happen.

I have prepared a few excerpts for your reading as well as links. Stay informed. Next week could be a difficult one for Israel and the peace process.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Karyn Kedar

Israel and protecting our children

On Thursday I received a call from Ilan. I hadn’t heard from him all week. That is not unusual – when he is in training he often doesn’t call until Thursday or Friday.  His voice was strong, sure and yet I could tell that he was trying to be measured in his speech. Adrenaline was making his breath shallow.

“Hi Mom.”

“Hey Ilan how are you?”

“I’m fine. Can you call me back on this phone?”

“Where is your phone?”

“I left it on the base.”

“Oh. Where are you?”

“A kibbutz.”

“Awesome. Are you out for the weekend? “

Pop Culture, Irony and Israel

Last week, along with millions around the world, Ezra and I watched the Oscars. I admit, I like watching the pretty people, but mostly I was on my computer checking email and Facebook, while glancing at this fascinating pageantry of pop culture. I was proud, as a Jew and as a Zionist, that a short documentary about Israel won an Oscar, and when Natalie Portman won for Best Actress, Ezra and I commented once again on her Jewish and Israeli heritage.

Building Mosque in the Community and How It Affects US


The events of recent weeks regarding the Cordoba House Mosque and Community Center in Lower Manhattan is very distressing. The emotions and generalizations seem to imply a syllogism that is counter to our beliefs as Americans and as well as dangerous to us as people of faith. We must stand up and support the freedom of religious expression of all faiths in this country. We must fight against the dangerous tendency to categorize all peoples of the same faith as one. That is to say, we cannot abide by the assumption that all Muslims support terrorist activity and every mosque preaches hate. As Jews we know what it is like to be likened to stereotypes, held accountable for ideas that are said by fanatical Jewish groups that do not represent what we believe, and we know the sting and danger of bigotry and discrimination.


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