Eight Personal Meditations for the Eight Days of Light

Eight Personal Meditations for the Eight Days of Light
By Rabbi Karyn Kedar

First Candle: The Light of Miracles
Everyday that I awake, I have the possibility of seeing my life as a miracle. How would my life be different if I believed in the miracle of my being, of my daily life, of my power? God, grant me the awareness of the miracle of life. May the lights of Chanukah enlighten my life to goodness and splendor and to miracles everywhere.

Sukkot Message from Rabbi Kedar

Dear congregants,

I know that you have all heard the news about the deal that was signed between the Israeli government and Hamas releasing Gilad Shalit in exchange for 1,000 Palestinians in Israeli prisons. On June 25, 2006, Shalit was captured by terrorists who infiltrated an Israeli army post near Gaza. During the raid, two IDF soldiers were killed and three others wounded.

A-Jewel-A-Day: Elul 25

Elul 25

The Music of Darkness by Karyn Kedar

It was early September. My husband and I went on a high–speed car chase around the valleys and mountains of the Grand Tetons to capture a glimpse of the setting sun.

With five minutes to spare before the spray of light turned dark, we found a spot nestled in a valley on the side of the road with no mountain crag to obscure our view. Simply the horizon, the setting sun, and majestic colors of miracle and awe.


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