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Shabbat is about to enter Jerusalem. This is always such a peaceful moment. Yesterday sixteen teenagers from BJBE returned home from a ten day odyssey to discover their Jewish past and touch their Jewish souls. We traveled to the Czech Republic and then Israel, accompanied by the loving and attentive presence of Cantor Wolman and Emily Schwartz, Director of Youth Engagement. The power of this journey cannot be overstated. BJBE has a long-standing commitment to the Czech Republic. The Nazis decimated the city of Kolin, which is outside of Prague.

Eight Personal Meditations for the Eight Days of Light

Eight Personal Meditations for the Eight Days of Light
By Rabbi Karyn Kedar

First Candle: The Light of Miracles
Everyday that I awake, I have the possibility of seeing my life as a miracle. How would my life be different if I believed in the miracle of my being, of my daily life, of my power? God, grant me the awareness of the miracle of life. May the lights of Chanukah enlighten my life to goodness and splendor and to miracles everywhere.

Israel and protecting our children

On Thursday I received a call from Ilan. I hadn’t heard from him all week. That is not unusual – when he is in training he often doesn’t call until Thursday or Friday.  His voice was strong, sure and yet I could tell that he was trying to be measured in his speech. Adrenaline was making his breath shallow.

“Hi Mom.”

“Hey Ilan how are you?”

“I’m fine. Can you call me back on this phone?”

“Where is your phone?”

“I left it on the base.”

“Oh. Where are you?”

“A kibbutz.”

“Awesome. Are you out for the weekend? “

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