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One America Movement: Exploring Our Fears Around America's Divisions
Sunday, January 23rd at 7:00pm on Zoom

Pirkei Avot 1.6 teaches us to "...judge every person meritoriously." Because of how our brains are wired, living out this value is easier said than done. In this session, the One America Movement will bring participants current research and data on division and polarization in American society. Such research shows that our perceptions are often different from reality. Our assumptions about the views of the other side are often incorrect, and moreover, we make incorrect assumptions about how others view us. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the research findings and consider how it does/does not speak to their lived experiences. We will explore ways to overcome our own tendencies to make judgements and assumptions.



BJBE is an inclusive and welcoming community. We encourage participation from all who seek a connection to Jewish life and want to be part of our sacred community regardless of religious background, race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, political affiliation, ability, age, sexual orientation, and gender identity. We encourage all to participate in our community, regardless of knowledge of Hebrew or Judaism.

BJBE offers dynamic, innovative programming. We provide an active community to those who wish to make a difference, a caring community to those less fortunate, and a nurturing community to those seeking connection.


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