Counting the Omer-Day 21

We extend our hand to all neighboring states and their peoples in an offer of peace and good neighborliness, and appeal to them to establish bonds of cooperation and mutual help with the sovereign Jewish people settled in its own land. The State of Israel is prepared to do its share in a common effort for the advancement of the entire Middle East.

Excerpt from Israel's Declaration of Independence


There is still a white sail on the horizon opposite a heavy black cloud.

May all that we ask for come to pass.

And in the evening windows, is the light of holiday candles flickering?

May all that we ask for come to pass.

Written by Naomi Shermer, included in Mishkan T'filah


Baruch Ata Adonai Elo-hei-nu me-lech ha-olam a-sher ke-d-sha-nu b- mitz-vo-tav, v-tzi-va-nu al s-fi-rat ha-omer.

Praised be you Adonai our God who rules the Universe instilling within us the holiness of mitzvot by commanding us to count the Omer.

Today is the twenty-first day of the Omer.