Caring Community

As BJBE’s Extended Family, Caring Community provides spiritual, emotional, and healing support to our member families in times of joy and in times of need. Our goal is for all members to feel valued, included, and welcome. To become an active part of the Caring Community, contact Dale Busch or Michael Erdman.

For information on Support for Caregivers, click here >>

Clergy Support for Members in Need

Clergy Pastoral Care
The Rabbis and Cantors want to know when your family or loved ones experience illness or death so that they can support you in your times of need. Contact the BJBE office at 847-940-7575 to speak with Leslie Block. Be sure to provide all relevant information and how you can be reached. 

JCARES Partnership for Safer Synagogues
For more information on JCARES, click here >>

Virtual Food Pantry
In emergency situations when a member has no other source of obtaining food, short-term food assistance can be provided. The clergy handles this concern confidentially. Contact the BJBE office at 847-940-7575 to speak with one of the clergy’s assistants.

Volunteer Support for Members in Need

Primary Contact for All Volunteer Services
When we learn that a member is in need, a skilled volunteer will make contact to provide support and to assess that person’s needs confidentially. We invite you to let us know when you or a loved one could use support so that our Caring Community can reach out and provide any of the services listed below.
Contact: Dale Busch, 224-770-0347 OR Michael Erdman, 773-972-1771

‚ÄčBikur Cholim (visiting the sick; body, mind, or spirit) 
When a member needs emotional support, a phone call and/or visit will be provided at home, hospital, rehab center, or nursing home by a trained volunteer. In addition, we have a partnership with Gidwitz Place where synagogue volunteers visit with residents in a group discussion setting.
Contact: Michael Erdman

Meal Delivery
When we learn that a member would benefit from receiving a prepared meal, volunteers will make all of the arrangements.
Contacts: Erin Rosenberg & Bonnie Koss

Transportation Assistance
When a member requires either a ride to/from BJBE or to/from medical appointments, a volunteer will arrange for transportation.
Contact: Dolly DeCaro 

Self-Help Guides to Family Issues
There are self-help brochures covering a wide-range of topics available in the Tzedakah Niche in the Village Center for members to take as needed.

Bags of Hope
During the High Holy Days, a bereavement memorial bag is delivered to all members who have lost a loved one during the past year. 
Co-Chairs: Renee Busch & Rachel Tzinberg

Grief Support Phone Calls
Volunteers will call newly bereaved family members within the first few months of a loss. 
Contact: Sharon Krivitzky

Volunteer Shiva Minyan Corps
When requested, a volunteer will lead Shiva Minyan for a member who has lost a loved one.
Chairperson: Irwin Goldfine

Gift for New Parents and Grandparents
A gift and note are sent out when a member has a new child or grandchild.

Caring Note Cards
A personal note is sent to members who are celebrating a special event or to provide support during a difficult time.
Co-Chairs: Jeanie Pearlman & Dolly DeCaro

High Holy Days Calls
During the High Holy Days season, volunteers will call every member of the congregation to wish them a “Shana Tovah” from their BJBE family.
Chairperson: Ted Busch

Medical Lending Closet: Sisterhood maintains a list of medical supplies available for loan within the congregation.

Virtual Food Pantry: BJBE Office 847-940-7575. In emergency situations, when a member has no other source of obtaining food, short term food assistance can be provided. This is handled confidentially by the clergy only.

Zip Code CoordinatorsCathy Horwitz, Tanya Paler. These people are responsible for initiating and managing requests for volunteers by zip code for meal and ride support. These people will work very closely with the Prepared Meal Volunteer Coordinators, the Transportation Coordinators and the Cemetery Connection Coordinators.

Health Fair Coordinator: Terry Sachsel, 847-296-8840.  This person brings in vendors from the community and partners with CJE to sponsor various health screenings, provide health information, flu shots and mental health information.

Inclusion Committee Chair: Jennifer Gendel - 224-515-833