Israel, awareness and our job as American Jews

Most of you have heard the news from Israel. For those of you who have sent me emails asking about our family - thank you. All is well. Talia and Moti and the girls were home in the northern part of Israel, Shiri had just left work in Tel Aviv and though Ilan was at that bus stop an hour before the explosion, he is safe at his base. Nevertheless, today’s attack is personal because we all have a stake in Israel and her welfare. We grieve for the victims and join with Israel, a nation resolved to live a life in security and peace. 

Today’s attack is part of a difficult couple of weeks. We have all been focused on Libya and Japan, so I wanted to make sure that you have the current information about events in Israel:

1.   We have all heard about the terrorist invasion into the home of the Fogels who live in the settlement of Itamar. Five members of the family were killed - the mother and father, their three-month-old baby, four-year-old and eleven-year-old.  
2.  On Saturday night there were 50 mortars fired from the Gaza Strip into the Western Negev. 
3. On March 15th there was a ship intercepted by the Israeli Army from Iran on its way to the Gaza Strip with a cargo of lentils and cotton, and 50 tons of weapons, including some 2,500 mortar shells and anti-ship radar-equipped missiles with a range of 20 miles. Clearly the ultimate target is Israel. 
4.  And today at 3:00 Israel time a bomb exploded at the central bus station killing one person and injuring 50 others. Information is still being updated. 

We have just put away the noisemakers of Purim. It is the Jewish holiday that reinforces that we must resist against evil and the threat of violence. Hamen and Esther are archetypes – evil and good battle throughout the centuries. Terrorism is evil and therefore absolutely wrong. There can be no reason or justification for the murder of a child sleeping in his crib or the explosion of a commuter bus at rush hour.

The eternal prayer for peace is on our lips. We also pray for the strength of good people everywhere who seek to live lives of freedom and quiet. And remember, it is our obligation to stay informed. Visit the links above periodically.

Rabbi Karyn D. Kedar

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 For those who believe in segulot (A  mystical Jewish formula for good

mazel)  and who of us can't use that!?

Please  do not break!

Just 27 words.


"GOD our Father, walk through my house &  take away all my worries &

illness and please watch over & heal my  family ... Amen."


This prayer is so powerful. Pass this to 12 people  including me.  A

blessing is coming to you in 4 minutes of a new job, a house,  marriage,

good health, or financially.  Do not break or ask  questions.








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