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Charlie Hebdo and The Jews - A Sermon for Shabbat Shemot given by Rabbi David Kaufman

We stand with the people of France and its Jewish community as we mourn the loss of life by terrorists. The sermon below is among the best that I've read. A powerful Jewish perspective.  


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 Rabbi David Kaufman's thoughts on Israel and Current Events in the Jewish world.

Friday, January 9, 2015

  Charlie Hebdo and The Jews - A Sermon for Shabbat Shemot On Wednesday morning, three men, who are said to have claimed connection to Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula, also known as Al Qaeda of Yemen, attacked the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, killing a dozen people and injuring eight more. The four prominent political cartoonists working for the controversial satirical magazine were all killed. Among them was Georges Wolinski, a French Jew born in Tunisia in 1934 to a Polish Jewish father and a Tunisian Jewish mother, whose family had come to Tunis from Italy. After his father was murdered in 1936, he and his mother moved to France where he became a political satirist and cartoonist.
Other victims of the terrorists included two unarmed police officers on patrol to prevent attacks against the previously attacked Charlie Hebdo offices. One of the officers executed by the terrorists was Ahmed Merabet, a Muslim. In the attack, the perpetrators killed a cross-section of France: Jews, Christians, Muslims, secularists, native born and immigrants.
Much of what Charlie Hebdo printed on its pages was offensive. It was not offensive in the way that National Lampoon or Saturday Night Live might offend. It was offensive in the way that the old Totally Tasteless Jokes books, for those who are familiar with them, could offend. It was offensive in the South Park sort of way, from the social and political left, but with explicitly graphic cartoons. Yes, Charlie Hebdo's pages offended Muslims. They also offended Jews, Christians, and just about anyone else whom the magazine's authors and cartoonists thought they could target.

A Letter from Cantor Ross Wolman to the congregation

Cantor Ross Wolman
November 19, 2014 – 26 Cheshvan 5775

I have spent an incredible 3 ½ years at BJBE and each day has been a gift. On Monday, it was with mixed feelings that I informed our presidents and senior staff of my decision to exercise an option in my contract to enter ACC placement in search of another position, beginning July 1, 2015. Until that time I will continue to serve this community with a full heart.

FourTelling a magical, musical weekend

A Message from Rabbi Kedar: A Response to the Jerusalem Synagogue Attack

Dear congregants,

We feel an overwhelming sense of heaviness. I call upon our faith that demands that we pursue peace, the same prayers on the lips of the rabbis, who, moments before the attack were uttering the final words of the prayers of theAmidah:“God who makes peace in the high heavens, bring peace to us on earth.” 

A synagogue! During prayers! This is not a war between states that have political conflicts. This a war waged by extreme religious ideologies that know no borders, no political solutions, no sense of reason, no humanity. Savage.


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