7.15.14 Rabbi Kedar on Fear

Dear friends,

I'm home. I will be speaking about Israel during our Friday night service at 6:30 pm, but wanted to share this with you in the meantime:


It’s an odd thing. The fear that sends your heart to race, your mind to cloud. But it’s not like that. We are not afraid. In that regard each of us is a warrior. Trained to suppress the fear that says, save yourself, run, hide, for the love of God save yourself. We do not run. We do not hide. We go about the day, a cup of coffee with friend, a final exam. Meetings at work continue, carpool, weddings, a run to the store to buy challah for Shabbat. And in these millions of ordinary moments, our ears listen, eyes search; if a siren would come now, no now, even now, where’s the best place to go? And a plan is made, just like you plan a dinner party, dividing

Values-Driven Change

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Home/Summer 2014

by Karyn Kedar

"In this space, we elevate ordinary interactions into ones filled with holiness."
Image courtesy of Finegold Alexander Architects.


In 2003, B'nai Jehoshua Beth Elohim (BJBE), then located in Glenview, Illinois, began a process that transformed us from a stagnating into a thriving community. The key to our success was articulating a vision of what we aspired BJBE to become:a values-based congregation driven by the mission to help individuals find meaning and purpose in their lives.

That vision helped us arrive at five core Jewish values—Torah/Transformational Learning, Avodah/Awakening the Spirit,Gemilut Chasadim/A Culture of Giving, Community, and Israel.

Communities of Practice: Where Commencement is Really a Beginning

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Communities of Practice: Where Commencement is Really a Beginning

Posted on JULY 10, 2014
 Written by Karee Bilsky and Jill Abbey-Clark

One of Our Own!

JUF: NEWS, Israel

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The Situation, By HANNAH SCHLACTERHannah Schlacter

We’re in the eye of the hurricane.

The Brazil-Germany World Cup game is playing in
the background. The licked-clean ice cream dishes lie in the sink. The little ones are slowly falling asleep together in the family room under the Lightning McQueen and Barbie comforter blankets. The long, thick hair has been braided. Teeth have been brushed. Facebook messages sent and status updated.

But no one will be sleeping tonight.

A Message from Rabbi Kedar 07.14

It’s very quiet in my apartment. The music is soothing, peaceful, calming, moving.  The blinding summer sun ignites the hills, in contrast to the gentle, inspiring breeze that is Jerusalem air.

Contrasts. Paradoxes. Confusion. Sickening. We so wanted the moral high ground.


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