Program Offerings

Chava Center Program Offerings

At BJBE, we believe children are capable and creative individuals.   Each child is encouraged to be their best self.  A foundation of strong relationships allows each child to develop socially, emotionally and cognitively at their own development level.  Our children gain self-confidence and problem solving capabilities as their ideas and observations are validated within the classroom community.  Using the Jewish calendar as a guide, our staff follows best practices in early childhood education to create a high quality Jewish school. Inspired by the teaching practice of Reggio-Emilia Italy, children and teachers are partners in the learning process where children help to create the curriculum in the classroom based on their curiosity and interests. 

Tot-Adult: Our tot-adult classes offer toddlers the opportunity to learn and explore in an environment that enhances all areas of development including social/emotional, cognitive, fine and gross motor. The structure of the class gives toddlers a “snap-shot” of the preschool experience. This weekly seventy-five minute class weaves Judaic values, traditions and songs into each class session which includes a short circle time for songs, finger-plays and instruments, and time to explore all learning areas of the classroom including art, dramatic play, manipulatives, and block play, sensory and gross motor activities. 

2 Year Old Program With a trusting relationship between students and teachers providing a foundation for exploration, this introduction to school program allows for growth and development of socialization and independence in a warm and nurturing environment.  Activities are designed to stimulate curiosity and engage early learners based on best practices in early childhood research.  The morning’s structure allows for a circle time, free play, fine and gross motor activities that encourage developmentally appropriate growth. Jewish holidays, customs and traditions are explored including weekly Shabbat celebrations with challah-baking, visits to the sanctuary, song sessions and traditional blessings.  Families can opt for a 2 day/week or 3 day/week program.

3 and 4 Year Old Preschool Programs: These programs foster independence and encourage creativity in a warm, nurturing and supportive environment. Teachers develop a child-inspired curriculum in the classroom while integrating all areas of development including social/emotional, cognitive, fine and gross motor into the routine of the morning.  The children act as explorers in the learning process and create ongoing individual and group projects. Children in these programs receive all readiness skills to assure a successful transition to kindergarten. Children continue to build on their prior knowledge of Jewish holidays, customs and traditions, and celebrate Shabbat each week by baking challah, visiting our clergy in the sanctuary and singing and reciting the traditional Sabbath blessings.  Families of 3 year olds can opt for a 3 day/week 4 day/week or 5 day/week program.  Families of 4 year olds (junior kindergarten) can opt for a 5 day/week or 4 day/week afternoon program.

For all programs, age requirements are based on the child being the appropriate age by September 1st.

Lunch and Enrichment

Extend your child’s day in a warm, nurturing and enriching setting. Children may participate in a variety of classes led by Chava Center staff and community programs, with the opportunity to register for new offerings each semester.

 Children may extend their day by enrolling in the lunch program until 1:00 pm.

3 year olds and 4 year olds may extend their day to 1:45pm or 2:30pm with an on-site Enrichment class.

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