Get Involved

BJBE's committees provide an opportunity for those who wish to get involved, whether in a specific project or the day-to-day activities of synagogue life. Please call Executive Director Sally J. Sachar in the BJBE office at 847-940-7575 for additional information or to join one of our committees.

Adult Education
Creates our adult education program, from ongoing classes to Scholars in Residence, with a focus on life-long learning.

Prepares the annual budget and assists in overseeing the financial transactions of the congregation.

Building & Grounds
Oversees the design, care and maintenance of the real and personal properties of the congregation.

Congregational Development
Develops and oversees all fundraising activities for the congregation, including the Endowment Fund, Restricted Funds, General Fund and our Sustaining Gifts Program.

Congregational Public Relations
Coordinates the promotion of BJBE to the public, maintains the congregational Web site, and oversees the bulletin and other communications.

Responsible for the youth and family education of the congregation.

Develops and implements programs and activities to promote knowledge, awareness of and support for the State of Israel.

Caring Community
Fosters a sense of community and wholeness within BJBE. Coordinates programs to address the needs of various groups within the congregation.

Leadership Development
Creates programs to identify and develop future congregational leadership, including programs to educate and further develop the Board of Trustees.

Responsible for the recruitment, integration and retention of the BJBE membership.

Helps to formulate the ritual policies and practices of BJBE in accordance with the tenants of Reform Judaism. Works closely with the clergy to ensure our services meet the spiritual needs of our congregation.

Social Action
Develops and implements Social Action projects for the congregation with a focus on Mitzvot and G'milut Chasadim (deeds of loving kindness).

Creates and executes programs for the enrichment and benefit of the congregation's youth.