Changing the World One Hour at a Time!

BJBE is involved in so many social action and social justice projects. Imagine if we could get a full picture of all the work being done. Let’s celebrate our action! Let’s share our experiences! Let’s inspire each other to bring about more justice, more compassion, and more wholeness to our communities, our state, our country, and our world!

In this year, 5778, let’s commit as a congregation to spending 5778 hours in social action and social justice work before Rosh Hashanah 5779. As we log our hours and achieve our goal, we can celebrate the incredible work we are doing and inspire others to join in these critical efforts.

To begin the year 5778, BJBE joined congregations across the country in signing the Brit Olam, a covenant with the world, committing to bring upon the world we want - a world filled with justice, compassion and wholeness. And we created an opportunity for individuals to also cast their names with that larger effort. Let’s take it one step further!

(Please feel free to back-fill hours you have already spent since the beginning of 5778!)

Log your hours here.

See what our community is doing here.