Interfaith Community

We recognize interfaith families to include Jews by choice, other-faith partners, and/or the extended other-faith family who love them. If you have any questions or want to get involved, contact Anne Robbin.

For a wonderful source of helpful interfaith information, click here for the Interfaith Family website.

Interfaith Programming

The Symposium: Religion in the 21st Century
Over the course of this year, we will welcome clergy and leaders from other faith traditions and other Jewish denominations. We will learn about their history, their inspirational texts, the major tenets of their theology, and what teachings their tradition can bring to bear on the most important questions and challenges of religious life in 21st Century America. 
For more information, refer to the Symposium page.

Community Interfaith Thanksgiving Service
The annual Interfaith Community Thanksgiving Observance is sponsored by the Religious Leaders United. This service is a back-to-basics celebration of the holiday in which worship congregations throughout Deerfield and Highland Park are invited to join in prayer as a greater community.
Contact: Leslie Block

Sisterhood Interfaith Program
This is an opportunity to heighten our awareness and expand our knowledge of the teachings, practices, and beliefs of other faiths in our society.
Contact: Gloria Kaiz

Interfaith Articles

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