A Mi Sheiberach after the tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina

For Shabbat Korach, 3 Tamuz 5775, June 19-20, 2015

Mi sheberach avoteinu v’imoteinu….may God who blessed our ancestors in times of tranquility and trial, bring healing to a nation in tears, to families and friends crying out in grief over nine precious souls—victims of racism and gun violence—taken from this Earth too soon. Please, O God, comfort us in Your loving embrace. And shore up our strength, Tzur Yisrael, Rock of Israel, to heed the call of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel to act in the spirit of religion, to unite what lies apart as we remember that humanity as a whole is God’s beloved child. Help us root out these scourges of racism and gun violence that cast long shadows in our society. Even as we use our voices in prayer today, teach us to use our voices toward action tomorrow. Let us bring honor to the nine souls who did not choose to die for a cause, by speaking out against injustice, racism and gun violence. Holy One of Blessing, bring comfort to the mourners and resolve to our hearts. And let us say, Amen. ֶ ֵ ִמי שׁבַּרךּ ֲאבוֹ ֵֽתינוּ ְו ִא ֹמ ֵתינוּ

Written by Rabbi Adam Stock Spilker and Rabbi Shoshanah Conover of Rabbis Organizing Rabbis