Hebrew Classes

Hebrew classes for adults are taught by Ezra Kedar at BJBE. For a list of schedules and fees, please contact the BJBE office: 847-940-7575.

Beginning Conversational Hebrew - NEW CLASS!
This class is for adults who want to learn the basics of conversational Hebrew.
Sundays, September 10-December 3, 2017, 9:45-10:45 a.m.

Advanced Beginning Conversational Hebrew
This class is for adults who have mastered Hebrew reading and are ready to learn how to comfortably carry on a simple Hebrew conversation.                       

Intermediate Conversational Hebrew
Amaze yourself with how much fun you’ll have speaking Hebrew! Prerequisites: Prior knowledge of basic conversational Hebrew and ability to write Hebrew script.

Advanced Conversational Hebrew
This class is for people who can begin to hold a full conversation in Hebrew and who write Hebrew script competently. Prerequisite: Intermediate Conversational Hebrew.