Chai School

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7th Grade

We are welcoming our 7th graders to Chai School. The focus of the curriculum is the Shoah as the students explore the question: What do I learn from the Shoah (Holocaust) about my responsibility to the Jewish community, the global community, and Israel our home?

Rabbi Kedar talks to Chai School

8th & 9th Grades

The 8th and 9th grade curriculum will cycle through 7x 3-week units: Week 1 will introduce the students to the topic; Week 2 the students will explore the topic from a social-emotional perspective through our Moving Traditions program; Week 3 the students will consider the topic in their electives. The question anchoring the 8th/9th curriculum this year is: As a Jewish young adult, how do I navigate my relationships and life choices?


The 8th and 9th grade Moving Traditions curriculum will offer a gender-neutral group in addition to the female-only and male-only groups.


10th Grade

10th grade Confirmation will be moderated by Kelly Goldberg, Chai School Principal, to offer continuity as the clergy rotate in each week to help the students explore the topic: I am a Jew they answer the question: Are you a Jew by birth or a Jew by choice?


11th & 12th Grades

11th and 12th grade is now called the Jewish Life Fellowship. 11th and 12th graders enroll by completing questionnaires and are paired with clergy mentors with whom they meet once a month. We want our upperclassmen to be thinking about the question: How does Judaism inform the adult I am becoming? Additionally, Jewish Life Fellows are given the opportunity to participate in an internship based on their interests.

For more information about Chai School, please email Kelly Goldberg, Chai School Principal.