Eight Personal Meditations for the Eight Days of Light

Eight Personal Meditations for the Eight Days of Light
By Rabbi Karyn Kedar

First Candle: The Light of Miracles
Everyday that I awake, I have the possibility of seeing my life as a miracle. How would my life be different if I believed in the miracle of my being, of my daily life, of my power? God, grant me the awareness of the miracle of life. May the lights of Chanukah enlighten my life to goodness and splendor and to miracles everywhere.

Second Candle: The Light of Righteousness
We are taught that the light of the first day of creation is the light of righteousness within our souls. May I dedicate myself to acts of love and kindness so that my inner light can expel the darkness of the world.

Third Candle: The Light of Hope
Hope is a choice, a spiritual imperative. I must hope, so not to despair. I must believe in the goodness of tomorrow, so not to be stuck in the mundane of today. I must hope, and believe in the light within. God, may these lights of Chanukah inspire hope in my heart so that I may live in the beauty of this world.

Fourth Candle: The Light of Love
People have an infinite capacity to love, if they are not made to choose. Does there really have to be a contest for our heart? God, teach me to love freely, abundantly, without fear, without choosing one love over another. As I gaze upon these lights, my heart fills with the understanding that love, abundance, understanding, softness are one in the same. Help me, dear God to live in the light.

Fifth Candle: The Light of Blessing
The lights flicker and dance and cast shadows upon the wall. At its very core, life is good. May I see the blessings all around me. The glass in not half empty, the glass in not half full because my cup runneth over. God, I am truly grateful.

Sixth Candle: The Light of Dedication
The word Chanukah means dedication. Dear God, may I dedicate my life to bringing goodness into this world. May I devote myself to learning, to discovery, to kindness. Dear God, may this holiday of lights remind me to live my life aligned with values, ethics, compassion and purpose.

Seventh Candle: The Light of Memory
I remember. I remember the lights of Chanukahs past. I remember the people whose lives have touched mine. I remember those who have changed me and those who have formed me. As I gaze into these lights, O God, may I remember that my life has meaning when I use my strength to pass my inner light to those around me.

Eighth Candle: The Light of Peace
In Hebrew the word for peace (shalom) is also the word for wholeness (shalem). God, as I gaze upon the beauty of these lights, may I find an inner peace and a sense of wholeness. May all that is wounded be healed, may all that is troubled be stilled. Dear God, grant us peace for it is Your most precious gift.