The Prayer of Gratitude

Dear congregants,

The most powerful prayer of all is the prayer for gratitude. We often find ourselves uttering prayers that say, pleasewhymay Igrant me. But the prayer that has the power to change the way we see the world and the way we perceive our life is the one that says thank you. Imagine the impact on your life when you follow the Jewish practice of waking each day and saying, thank you God for your abundant gifts. Thank you for the gift of life. How would your life be different if each day began in gratitude? And on those days when life is difficult, or challenging, or dull, or even tragic, how would your spirit be changed if especially on those days you said a prayer of thanksgiving? It’s so simple and yet so profound.

Thank you God, for Your abundant gifts. Thank you, for you have restored within me the breath of life and the gift of living.

My friend Cantor Rachel Rosenberg sent me this link. I pass it on to you. It is a visual song of life and wonder:

Have a joyous Thanksgiving. And sometime during this weekend, do something kind for someone you do not know.

Rabbi Karyn Kedar