Social Action Trip to New Orleans

BJBE families are traveling to New Orleans for our ninth annual social action mission from March 23-26. We will continue to strengthen interfaith relationships with Christian and Jewish groups in the Crescent City, form new friendships within our BJBE community, and help rebuild communities in need. Together, we will also explore and enjoy the unique city of New Orleans.

We are collecting donations to help families in the lower 9th Ward, a community that is still rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina. Your generosity will help people purchase groceries, diapers, clothes, books, and toys.


In addition to donating money, we will be volunteering our time to help Garden on Mars, an urban garden project growing fresh food and flowers on vacant lots throughout New Orleans.

For only $100 you can sponsor the making of a Garden Box, a 4 x 8 raised bed to grow vegetables, flowers and more. Every Garden Box will help feed and educate families to grow and sell food and flowers in their own community. With your help, we can build these raised beds with our own hands, during our time in NOLA.